1. Emi I: Inhale/Exhale
  2. Ibeji
  3. Emi II: Evanescent
  4. Kehinde
  5. Emi III: Silent Respiration
  6. Beji, Beji La
  7. Abiku
  8. Emi IV: The Joy of Living
  9. Ejire
  10. Taiyewo
  11. Emi V: Lamentation
  12. Oriki
  13. Emi VI: Inhale/Exhale

Fondse is a master of light and airy ensemble textures, harmonic economy, contrary motion and the sensible integration of improvised and composed material. –¬†Downbeat (USA)

Add the name of Martin Fondse to the short list of composer/arrangers who are able to create a multi-part suite with sections that are melancholy without being mawkish and celebratory without being frivolous. The perfect frame for an epic session that should awaken the world beyond Holland to another deep-thinking composer. –¬†Jazz Weekly (USA)