1. Out in the Country with the Lowland Cowboys
  2. Snow Motion
  3. Slutspurt
  4. Even Tomorrow
  5. Out to Dance with the Urban Indians
  6. Garrag!
  7. A Slightly Frightning Nightingale
  8. Bush Patrol II
  9. A La Amanecida
  10. No, I'm Not
  11. Still Around

This 2nd release of the Martin Fondse Oktemble consist of repertoire that Martin wrote in New York, Kopenhagen and the Netherlands.
‘With its small ensemble,Fondse establishes a wonderful, colorful and sensual world. The sense of detail and timbre evokes Gil Evans, the tension and balance between solo and ensemble, as well as between melancholy and vitality, recalls the works of
Charles Mingus’. – De Tijd (Belgium)
Martin Fondse – compositions, piano, pump organ

Eric Vloeimans – trumpet

Eric van der Westen – acoustic bass

Pieter Bast – drums

Mete Erker – tenor saxophone

Miguel Boelens – alto saxophone

Maarten Ornstein –  bass clarinet

Nils Wogram – trombone