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Martin Fondse Family Portrait


Martin Fondse Orchestra

Martin Fondse Orchestra

Card Games, part 1: Hearts Music is play! And playing cards is one of the most exciting and colorful games. With playing cards, there is this possibility to shape reality in any way you want. And with the deck of cards come all emotions, conflicts, creativity, and ingenuity you encounter in real life.

Piano Solo: The Joker

Piano solo pieces, written and played by Martin Fondse ranging from evocative and sensitive to the sheer ivory extravaganza. Intuitive, intimate, hilarious.

Lenine Lisboa Espaço Brasil Martin Fondse

Martin Fondse & Lenine

A superb musical blend of the multiple award winners Martin Fondse and Brazilian singer Lenine.

Martin Fondse & Margriet Sjoerdsma

An exciting combination in which the elastic voice of Sjoerdsma goes hand in hand with the rich harmonies and humor of Fondse.


This remarkable combination of three composers and performers travel many musical roads. The result is a colorful collaboration with lyrical and melancholic melodies and vibrating grooves.


Martin Fondse is known for his ability to bring people together, through his music, his personal and professional conduct, his humor, and his optimistic outlook on life and the future. It applauds him not least for his motivating influence on the new generation of emerging talent.


Many Faces of Jazz (CD)
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Rosefire (CD)
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Fragrant Moondrops (CD)
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Testimoni (CD)
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Fragrant Moondrops (LP)
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