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2009, Festival De Haagse Muziek Driedaagse, Lucent Theatre, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Premiere of my suite ‘4 Seasons in 1 day’

Part 1: Spring Rolls

Part 2: Summer Hummer

Part 3: Welcome to Automnia!

Part 4: Winter Silence


Martin Fondse: Compositions, Conductor

Peter Erskine: Drums

Doudou N’Diaye Rose: Percussion

Artvark Saxophone Quartet: Saxophones

Anumadutchi: Mallets and Percussion

Ali N’Diaye Rose: Sabar & Senegalese Sabar Ensemble

Dela Botri: Flute & Percussion

Eric van der Westen: Double Bass


Artvark Saxophone Quartet is: Rolf Delfos, Mete Erker, Bart Wirtz & Peter Broekhuizen


More Video’s from this concert:

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