Card Games, part 1: Hearts

Music is play! And playing cards is one of the most exciting and colourful games. With playing cards there is this possibility to shape reality anyway you want. And with the deck of cards come all emotions, conflicts, creativity and ingenuity you encounter in real life.

Hearts is the first chapter of Card Games and is about the non-destructible force of love and friendship. 13 compositions that feature the all European line up of the Martin Fondse Orchestra with 2 vocals, 2 cellos, 2 reeds and rhythm section.

Martin Fondse – piano, vibrandoneon, synths
Claudio Puntin – clarinets, electronics
Dirk Peter Kölsch – drums
Eric van der Westen – double bass
Mete Erker – saxophones
Sanne Rambags – vocals
Anna Serierse – vocals
Jörg Brinkmann – cello
Annie Tangberg – cello

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