BEAM & M. Stockhausen

Since January 2011 I’m the artistic leader in BEAM?Orchestra, Tilburg. November 2011 we did a wonderful project with composer/trumpet player/inspirator Markus Stockhausen.










It is an initiative of Muzieklab Brabant, led by Eric van der Westen in Tilburg.

BEAM (also named BEAM ORCHESTRA) is a Dutch ensemble. Artistic leader is composer Martin Fondse with input from Andreas van Zoelen and (artistic leader until end of 2010) Bart van Dongen. BEAM toured in 2009 through Europe with the American singer/songwriter and artist Daniel Johnston. This cooperation lead to the album BEAM ME UP DANIEL! (Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics/ Rough Trade). Last November BEAM was involved in a collaboration with MARKUS STOCKHAUSEN.















During the opening of the TROMP Percussion Festival (2010) BEAM performed with Ethel and Elbtonal Percussion and with central guest artist Stewart Copeland (The Police).