Lenine & MF Orchestra


Also in 2015 there are plans to record and perform with our successful project The Bridge. It brought us to various countries, festivals and venues. Highlights were our Brazilian Tour in 2013, the European Tour in 2014 (with concert at the famous North Sea Jazz Festival) and last but not least our sold out performance at Summerstage New York in Central Park.

We certainly keep you updated!


Celebrating 30-year career in 2013 Lenine joins the Dutch maestro Martin Fondse and his Orchestra for a European tour.
A symbolic landmark for the historical relationship between Brazil and The Netherlands is the Maurício de Nassau Bridge in Recife, which is a perfect replica of the bridge crossing the Amstel river in Amsterdam. This landmark has been the source of inspiration to create ‘The Bridge’, joining the Brazilian musician Lenine and Martin Fondse Orchestra. In May they toured in The Netherlands, Germany and Portugal. In October 2013 ‘The Bridge’ comes to Brazil!
‘The Bridge’ celebrates Lenine’s 30-year career in 2013, bringing together memorable milestones of his career.

Both born on an island, Lenine and Martin Fondse cross the transatlantic bridge. ‘The bridge is neither to go nor to come, the bridge is the crossing…’ as in the song that inspired the show’s concept. The repertoire consists of highlights from Lenine’s career, such as Jack Soul Brasileiro, Paciência and A Ponte, as well as new work by Martin Fondse, winner of Edison Award – Jazz National 2012.
Martin Fondse Orchestra (previously Starvinsky Orchestra) is a big band and classical ensemble in one. It has its roots in jazz, complimented by elements from pop, film and classical music creating a contemporary world of music merging modern styles and influences in a distinctive, energetic and humoristic style.

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25-05 The Bridge @Lisbon_Tami Toledo Matuoka-13
Line –up:
Lenine – vocal, guitar | Martin Fondse – piano, vibrandoneon |
Dirk Peter K?lsch – drums | Robert Landfermann – bass | Mete Erker – sax |
Irma Kort – Oboe | Søren Siegumfeldt – tenor sax | Vera van der Bie – violin | Herman van Haaren – violin | Annie Tangberg – cello