Rosefire (CD)


 15,00 incl. BTW (VAT)


Rosefire is an ode to ‘The Woman’. A tribute to her ability to transcend love, and communicate her spirit and creative and creating force. Rosefire is new music based on new writings by female poets. Tjitske Jansen and Neusa Raphael de Toledo Matuoka are two acclaimed writers I worked with before and I deeply admire their work. I asked them to write new poems for this program. Swinging Old Lady is a piece, based on a poem by Pablo Neruda, originally written for Tania Kross and Metropole Orchestra. Furthermore, I created music based on inspiring lyrics by Diane Ward and Remco Campert. Their words combined, and set to music manifest a collection of songs that might sooth, unravel and may sometimes even hurt a little. I was so happy to reunite the ensemble I previously worked with on my Edison award winning 2012 project Testimoni, featuring trumpet player Eric Vloeimans and Matangi Quartet.Along with mezzo soprano Tania Kross, who’s depth and vocal power never fail to inspired me.They form the ideal ensemble to perform this music.

Martin Fondse – piano, compositions
Tania Kross – mezzo soprano
Eric Vloeimans – trumpet

Matangi Quartet:
Maria-Paula Majoor – violin
Daniel Torrico Menacho – violin
Karsten Kleijer – viola
Arno van der Vuurst – cello